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Welcome to Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Our phone number will change to (865) 331-2020 on Wednesday, October 26. Please update our new number in your address book so we’re only a phone call away when you need us!

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. But if you’re facing a high-risk pregnancy with a potential for premature labor and delivery, gestational diabetes or other complications, or if you’re finally pregnant after struggling with infertility, you need specialized care for you and your baby. The high-risk prenatal doctors, or perinatologists, at Fort Sanders Perinatal Center have served women in East Tennessee for more than 20 years, providing complete care for high-risk women, especially those 35 years or older, with multiples, pregnancy complications, history of birth defects, and medical problems such as diabetes or hypertension. For excellence in high-risk pregnancy care, women choose Fort Sanders Perinatal Center.

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At the Fort Sanders Perinatal Center we provide a comprehensive range of procedures to assess your baby’s condition, rule out or confirm potential medical complications, and help physicians manage or prevent difficulties.

For a full listing of our services, please visit our services page.

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For many women, the extreme tiredness of the first trimester is quite a surprise. And it’s especially hard for those who normally have lots of energy. It's easy to feel guilty about not being able to do everything like you’re used to. Learn more about first trimester fatigue: ... See MoreSee Less

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Excellence in Prenatal Care 

Peace of mind for you and your baby. Learn more here.

Fort Sanders Perinatal Center News

  • Diabetes Counseling for women with pre-existing and gestational diabetes.

    A local Facebook Group "Miscarriage and Stillbirth Support Group" provides information and support for women in the Knoxville area.

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  • Nancy's High-Risk Pregnancy

    Dr. Perry Roussis and Dr. Gary Stephens of Fort Sanders Perinatal Center helped this high-risk mother deliver healthy triplet...

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