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A Patient Story: Extra Care for Kerrianna’s High-Risk Pregnancy

Posted on May 11, 2018

Extra Care for Kerrianna’s High-Risk Pregnancy

Kerrianna Neilson and Family
Kerrianna Neilson and Family

Kerrianna Neilson first came to Fort Sanders Perinatal Center after blood clotting issues made her pregnancy high risk. But during labor, it was her unborn baby’s rapid heart rate that caused perinatologist Perry Roussis, MD to order an emergency C-section.


“There were lots of tears and lots of fears. I was terrified,” says Kerrianna after her successful delivery at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center.

Kerrianna says she’s grateful Dr. Roussis was knowledgeable, decisive, and understanding of her fear. That level of compassion extended throughout the delivery room.

For example, Kerrianna says she had severe pain from gas that found its way into her shoulder cavity, a common occurrence in abdominal surgery.

“The anesthesiologist was amazing, explaining what was going to happen, and telling me everything was going to be okay.”

And indeed, everything turned out more than okay. Baby Everette was born on March 4, 2017 at Fort Sanders, healthy and ready to grow. Witnessing that first meeting of parents and babies is a special moment for Dr. Roussis.

Perry Roussis, MD, FACOG
Perry Roussis, MD, FACOG

“These women come to you and they trust you with the most precious thing in their lives. It is my job to make sure that I fulfill that trust to the best of my ability,” Dr. Roussis says.

A Healthy Baby After a High-Risk Pregnancy

Looking at little Everette today, one would never guess that his mom’s pregnancy was considered high risk, or that there was any sort of problem bringing him into the world. He smiles, laughs, and keeps his parents on the move.

Everette Nielson
Everette Neilson

Watching Everette cruise around the house has been a joy for the Neilsons.

“We are doing great! Time is truly flying by, and Everette is growing like crazy!”We are enjoying every minute of watching him grow.”

From treatment throughout her pregnancy to the delivery room, Kerianna is pleased with her experience with Dr. Roussis and Fort Sanders Perinatal Center. “It could not have been better,” she says.

Complete, High-Risk Pregnancy Care within One Practice

For the last 20 years, Fort Sanders Perinatal Center has delivered over 20,000 high-risk babies at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. There’s no safer place for your baby’s beginning than at Fort Sanders Perinatal Center with complete high-risk pregnancy care in one practice and expert emergent care just steps away for our smallest patients. Call (865) 331-2020 or for more information.

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