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Distraction Activities Available to Help Moms-to-Be Cope

Posted on September 11, 2017
Happy Knitters for Moms-to-Be
Knitting, a purposeful distraction activity, is encouraged for moms-to-be as they cope with hospital bed rest.

“Happy Knitting” and Other Purposeful Distraction Activities Available for Moms-to-Be on Hospital Bed Rest

Going through a high-risk pregnancy is stressful enough…tack on hospital bed rest, and moms-to-be often feel helpless. That’s why Fort Sanders Perinatal Center and Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center are focusing on overall health and wellness by offering moms purposeful distraction activities to enhance coping abilities and to maintain a sense of normalcy during long hospital stays.

Mothers can participate in programs like “Happy Knitters,” which is meant to encourage mothers through knitting something for their baby – like a blanket – that represents their efforts to create the most healthy pregnancy possible. Other purposeful distraction activities include reading books and magazines, watching movies, and visiting HABIT dogs. And the Perinatal Center and hospital staff continue to research more purposeful distraction activities for their patients.

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