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Contact Us for Excellence in High-Risk Pregnancy Care

Thank you for your interest in Fort Sanders Perinatal Center. We are a leading provider of high-risk pregnancy care in East Tennessee and have been serving women in East Tennessee for more than 25 years, delivering more than 26,000 babies. Please take heart knowing we can assess your baby’s condition and rule out or confirm potential pregnancy complications. Contact us today to help you make the best possible healthcare decisions unique to your high-risk pregnancy.

Our board-certified physicians and perinatal team commonly care for women:

  • 35 years or older
  • With multiples
  • Pregnancy complications
  • A history of birth defects
  • Medical problems such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Pregnant after struggling with infertility

We want to be your pregnancy team. Make an appointment.

Contact us for more information about the high-risk pregnancy services at Fort Sanders Perinatal Center or to request an appointment. No referral is necessary unless required by your insurance provider.

Phone: (865) 331-2020
Fax: (865) 331-1976

For emergencies that develop at night or on weekends, please call our office number at (865) 331-2020. Our 24-hour answering service can contact our physicians within moments of your call. Going directly to the emergency department at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center or the closest hospital is recommended if a patient needs to be seen immediately.