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Accessing Our Practice During Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon

Posted on March 23, 2018

Street and lane closures will occur for the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon race events on March 24-25. All roads are expected to be open by 2:30 p.m. Sunday, March 25.

Also, according to TDOT, I-40 East and I-40 West will be reduced to two lanes from the West Hills exit (Mile Marker 380) to just east of the I-640 interchange (Mile Marker 385) for bridge repairs taking place weekends throughout March.

The details for specific road closures are as follows:

  • Cumberland Avenue: Right westbound curb lane from 22nd Street to Tyson Park; south curb eastbound from Phillip Fulmer Way to Estabrook Drive.
  • Clinch Avenue Viaduct from Henley to 11th streets: Closed throughout marathon weekend events.
  • Clinch Avenue: Closed at the start of marathon, 5K and Covenant Kids Run from 11th to 16th streets.
  • 16th Street: Closed at start of marathon, 5K and Covenant Kids Run from Clinch to Cumberland avenues.
  • 22nd Street: Full closure from Forest to Cumberland avenues.
  • Forest Avenue: Full closure from 17th to 22nd streets; continued closure from 17th Street east to 13th Street.
  • Kingston Pike: Eastbound lanes closed; traffic will be two-way in westbound lanes.
  • Kingston Pike: Right lane closed westbound from Noelton Drive to Forest Park Boulevard.
  • Neyland Drive: Eastbound lanes closed for marathon from Lake Loudoun Boulevard to Kingston Pike.
  • Volunteer Boulevard: Eastbound lanes closed for marathon and 5K to UT Drive on west end.
  • World’s Fair Park Drive: Closed from start of race until half-marathon passes from 11th Street, then closure is moved to south of parking lot beside the Knoxville Museum of Art; closed on north end by Fort Kid.
  • Lake Loudoun Boulevard: Southbound lanes from Volunteer Boulevard to Neyland Drive closed for marathon.
  • Cherokee Boulevard: Southbound lanes closed.
  • Blows Ferry Road: Westbound lanes closed.
  • Alta Vista Way: Northbound lane closed.
  • Noelton Drive: Right lane closed from Alta Vista Way to Kingston Pike.
  • Forest Park Boulevard: Northbound right lane closed from Kingston Pike to Newcom Avenue.
  • Newcom Avenue: Closed both ends from Forest Park Boulevard to Lebanon Street.
  • Lebanon Street: Closed from Sutherland to Newcom avenues.
  • Tyson Park: Closed at Kingston Pike entrance and road closed sign inside Tyson Park at Highway 129 overpass.
  • Highland Avenue: Eastbound lanes closed from 11th to 13th streets.
  • Broadway: Right lane closed from World’s Fair Park Drive to Central Street.
  • Central Street: Southbound right lane closed from Broadway to 3rd Avenue; northbound right lane closed from Magnolia to 4th avenues; southbound lane closed from Jackson to Cumberland avenues at South Central Street.
  • Winona Street: Northbound lanes closed from Magnolia to Woodbine avenues.
  • Woodbine Avenue: Closed both ends from Winona Avenue to Bertrand Street; local traffic only.
  • Patton Street: Road closed signs on both ends between Jackson Avenue and Willow Street.
  • Jackson Avenue: Eastbound lane closed from Patton to Central streets.
  • State Street: East curb closed in right northbound lane to allow runners a lane behind cones.
  • Hill Avenue: Closed eastbound to James White Parkway southbound entrance ramp, starting at Gay Street.
  • Sevier Avenue: Right lane closed from James White Parkway to Island Home Avenue; cones 6-8 feet from westbound curb for runner lane from Island Home Avenue to Gay Street.
  • Island Home Avenue: Closed from Sevier Avenue to Maplewood Drive; westbound traffic to use Hillwood Drive.
  • Gay Street: Northbound right lane closed from Hill to Wall avenues.
  • Market Street: Closed from Union to Church avenues.
  • Church Avenue: Westbound right lane closed from Market to Locust streets.
  • Estabrook Drive: Closed from Cumberland Avenue to Gate 25 at Neyland Stadium.