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About Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Welcome to Fort Sanders Perinatal Center

Pregnancy comes with enough questions. If your pregnancy requires extra care, Fort Sanders Perinatal Center has the answers. For the last 25 years, we’ve delivered over 26,000 high-risk babies at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. Our Center for High Risk Pregnancies is led by Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, Perry Roussis, MD, FACOGGary Stephens, DO, FACOOG, and Steven Andrade, MD, FACOG, along with their team of specialty-specific nurse practitioners, midwives, phone nurses, genetic counselors, diabetes counselors, care coordinators, and sonographers. Learn more about our team.

There’s no safer place for your baby’s beginning than at Fort Sanders Perinatal Center with complete high-risk prenatal care in one practice and expert emergent care just steps away for our smallest patients. Our team is here to help you make the best possible healthcare decisions unique to your situation, from conception all the way through delivery.

We provide complete high-risk pregnancy care for women:

  • 35 years or older
  • With multiples
  • Pregnancy complications
  • A history of birth defects
  • Medical problems such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Pregnant after struggling with infertility

Learn more about our services.

Does your pregnancy require extra care?

Listen to Perinatologist Gary Stephens, DO talk about the comprehensive high-risk pregnancy services at Fort Sanders Perinatal Center.

Additional Office Information

Our main office is located in Knoxville at one of East Tennessee’s premier medical centers, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Dr. Roussis, Dr. Stephens and Dr. Andrade, along with their skilled and experienced staff at Fort Sanders Perinatal Center, can assess your baby’s condition using 3D ultrasound, rule out or confirm potential pregnancy complications, and help you and your family make the best possible healthcare decisions unique to your situation.

Trust our personalized, compassionate care during your high-risk pregnancy.